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Podcast: Ina Linge (University of Cambridge) ‘Sexology and the Department Store’


Ina Linge (University of Cambridge) discusses her research on the performance of queer identities in German sexological and psychoanalytic life writings.


Dori and Nora, the protagonists of The Diary of a Male Bride (1907) and A Man’s Maiden Years (1907), respectively, leave their small-town relatives behind to become shop girls in the German metropolis. They appear to be members of a generation of ordinary working class girls populating the department store – except that, in the eyes of their contemporaries, they are not ordinary, because they are not girls. This talk traces the textual representation of the queer body in early twentieth-century sexological life writings as it becomes an object of display, both during sexological examination and as queer commodity on the shop floor.

Watch a video of Ina talking to us about more of her research here.

This event was part of the Centre for Medical History seminar series, University of Exeter.

Video: Ina Linge (University of Cambridge) on queer identities in sexological life writings

Ina Linge, PhD candidate at University of Cambridge visited us in November 2015. Here she talks to Dr Jen Grove about her research including the performance of queer identities in German sexological and psychoanalytic life writings; the links between the classification of animals in zoology and human sexual behaviour in German psychoanalysis and sexual science; and the plans for the Museum of Passion project in Berlin.

Listen to a recording of Ina’s paper “‘Something different’: Sexology and the Department Store”.

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