Sexology and Development conference Oct 2018 Final Programme:

Final Programme:

Thursday 4 October

 2.30pm: Welcome

2.45-5.00pm, Panel 1: Global Perspectives and the Emergence of Sexology (Chair: Chiara Beccalossi)

Kate Fisher and Jana Funke (University of Exeter, UK), ‘Global Developments: Tracing the Entangled Histories of Sexual Science and Anthropology.’

Benjamin Kahan (Louisiana State University, US), ‘The Development of American Sexual Science and Sexology.’

Secil Yilmaz (Cornell University, US), ‘Syphilis, Love, and Making of Modern Sexology in the Late Ottoman Empire.’

Coffee Break

6.30pm: Trans Perspectives: A Public Discussion on Gender, Art and Politics with Fox Fisher, Owl (Ugla Stefanía Kristjóttir Jónsdóttir) and Diego Marchante.

8.00pm: Transitional States exhibition opening (& drinks)

Friday 5 October

 10am-12.15pm, Panel 2: Sex Hormones, the Chemical Body and the Development of Sexology (Chair: Ryan Jones)

Howard Chiang (University of California, Davis, US) ‘Transcultural Sexology and the Crystallization of an Epistemic Nexus: China, 1920s-1940s.’

Chiara Beccalossi (University of Lincoln, UK), ‘Sexology and Hormone Treatments in the Global North and the Global South’.

Rodrigo R. Lima (Casa de Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil), ‘Endocrinology, Boundaries and the Performance of Organotherapies in Brazil: Biotypology and Homosexual Treatment (1931-1938).’

Lunch: 12.30-2pm: Lola&lo, Carrer de Valldonzella, 52

2-4:15pm, Panel 3: Interdisciplinary Connections (Chair: Ina Linge)

Jen Grove (University of Exeter, UK), ‘”Ancient Codes” and “Biologic Norms”: Kinsey’s Uses of Cultural Development and Classical Archaeology.’

Cynthia Kraus (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), ‘At the Crossroads of Physical Anthropology, Sexology and Psychoanalysis: A Transdisciplinary Journey from Palestine to Switzerland (c. 1949-1980s).’

Rovel Sequiera (University of Pennsylvania, US), ‘Waiting to Confess? Genre, Sexuality, and Selfhood in Colonial India.’

Coffee Break 

4.45-7pm, Panel 4: Civilization and Moral Development (Chair: Jana Funke)

Marie Walin (Universities of Toulouse Jean Jaures and Clermont-Ferrand, France), ‘European and Catholic: the Spanish Discourse about Sexuality as a Special Path in the “Process of Civilisation” (1850-1910).’

Susana Ferguson (Columbia University, US), “The Power Hidden in the Breasts of Youths:” Male Adolescent Sexuality and Anti-Colonial Time.’

Ryan Jones (State University of New York at Geneseo, US), ‘“Marta Olmos, the Mexican ‘Christine:’ Sex-Reassignment, Global Sexology, and the Politics of National Development in 1950s Mexico.”

Dinner 8.30pm: Els Ocellets, Ronda Sant Pau, 55

Saturday 6 October

10.30am-12.00pm, Panel 5: Sexual Modernism in Germany and Beyond

(Chair: Cynthia Kraus)

Heike Bauer (Birkbeck College, University of London, UK), ‘From the ‘Ontogenetic Bisexuality’ of Embryos to ‘Dangerous Disturbances of the Sexual Drive’: Magnus Hirschfeld on Intersex.’

Douglas Pretsell (La Trobe University) ‘Transnational Translation of Sexual Modernism’

Lunch: 12.30-2pm, Lola&lo, Carrer de Valldonzella, 52

2-4:15pm, Panel 6: Modes, Sites, and Networks of Exchange (Chair: Sarah Jones)

Richard Cleminson (University of Leeds, UK),“Navigating ‘Latin’ Eugenics: The Case of Portugal, International Sexological Relations and the Criteria of ‘Racial’ Types (1900-1950).”

Kate Davison (University of Melbourne, Australia), ‘Homosexual Aversion Therapy and Cold War Geopolitics: Post-war Psychiatry between Czechoslovakia and Britain.’

Alain Giami (Université Paris-Saclay, France), ‘A History of the World Association for Sexual Health (1978-2017).’

 Coffee Break

4.30-5.30pm Final Discussion 

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